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Tule Lake Committee Photo by Don Tateishi 1988
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The Tule Lake Committee announces an in-person Tule Lake Pilgrimage on July 5-8, 2024. Registration materials are available here.

The number of available spaces is significantly less than previous pilgrimages, as those who were confirmed participants for the cancelled 2020 Tule Lake Pilgrimage were offered pre-registration. The Committee will prioritize the remaining spaces to:

  • Tule Lake survivors and descendants; and,

  • Those who are willing to help preserve the historic Tule Lake Segregation Center site.


As usual, we expect registration to fill very quickly. If you fall into one of the priority groups listed above, please complete and mail in your registration application forms promptly.

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The role of the Tule Lake Committee (TLC) is to: (i) to educate the general public of the government's forced and unconstitutional imprisonment of over 120,000 men, women and children of Japanese ancestry into ten concentration camps; (ii) to recognize the unique role of the Tule Lake camp, ......


Tule Lake tells a cautionary tale to Californians and all Americans of the need for continuing vigilance to protect our civil liberties and civil rights. Tule Lake’s national significance as a segregation center and its unique and tragic role in American history is reflected in its National Historic Landmark status (2006) ......

The Tule Lake Committee opposes Modoc County’s efforts to build a fence on the historic Tule Lake concentration camp site.  The proposed 8-foot high, three-mile long, barbed-wired topped fence sends a message of racism and exclusion at a place that is sacred to Japanese Americans.    

Here’s what the TLC wrote to Modoc County about our opposition to the fence


Please consider helping the Tule Lake Committee’s efforts to preserve and protect the historic site with an end-of-year tax-deductible donation.  

We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit corporation, Tax ID number



Deepest thanks to the 5,000 people who wrote to Modoc County urging them to honor the memory of Tule Lake and to find an alternative to building a fence that would desecrate the site.  With your support, we continue the struggle to resist and persist in the fight to preserve Tule Lake for future generations.

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